Thierry Mugler Angel Sample

Sample of Thierry Mugler Angel

I know some of you are going to love this, I was so excited when I heard that right now for a limited time, you can try this sample of Thierry Mugler Angle fragrance with a mini 0.04 fl oz (1.2 ml) spray vial. Just send them your request before the end of the month and they’ll send this out to you in a 3 to 5 weeks.

  • Comes in a secure little blue box instead of the usual card you get with samples.
  • Limit of one (1) mini spray per request.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Only available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and New Zealand.

Thierry Mugler Angel sample review: this is definitely a winning perfume! This can be worn all day everyday, that’s how much I love it. Within the first day of trying out my sample, I was getting compliments. And I’m not talking one or two, I mean 4 or 5 seriously!

I love the combination of honey and floral vanilla scent. You’ll notice that it slowly fades into a sweet candy smell, kind of like caramel. Yum. And the lasting power is fairly good, lasting about 4 or 5 hours on me.

But I must warn you guys, if you’re going to try Thierry Mugler Angel, you should only use a one or two sprays at most, anything more will be too overwhelming. It can be a very strong perfume if you overdo it. Not sure if this fragrance would be for the office setting or indoors.

Overall, Angel is a fabulous fragrance and I’ve already gone out and bought a full bottle as my sample ran out already. So that should pretty much sum up how I feel about this. I’m giving it a 9 out of 10, missing the one because of how strong it can be if you put too much on.

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