One Direction Our Moment Sample

Free Sample of One Direction Our Moment

Check this out Directioners!! You can get this sample of One Direction Our Moment. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last for, they seem to be going really fast.

  • Comes in a 0.8ml mini spray vial.
  • Protective carded covering.
  • Limited time. One (1) per person.
  • Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, England.

Review One Direction Our Moment sample: It likely would appeal to only the teen crowd and can look a bit gimmicky.

When I tried Our Moment for the very first time, I was not overly impressed. Do not get me wrong, it does not smell awful it is simply not quite exceptional. Unsurprisingly, it’s a strong fruity aroma using a little touch of musk. Maybe a little freesia also. It is staying power is not quite long either, it is likely below average. I will be not sad though that it is weak, as that’s precisely what I was initially expecting from a scent that is promoted to teens so that is a plus.

On the reverse side, I gave my sample of Our Moment to my spoiled daughter, lol, who does happen to be a huge fan of One Direction. She said she hadn’t used it yet because she believed she wouldn’t enjoy it and that it’d be simply another opportunity to advertise and get promotion. Her words were “Wonderful, light, and flowery. An ideal summer smell.”

I believe Our Second cologne is a simply not exceptional enough for me to enjoy it. Maybe if it came out several years back and was launched before all these new teeny scents that were brought out, perhaps I’d have enjoyed it a bit more. I would still recommend to anyone who enjoys sweet scented scents to give this sample a try and find out if you like or not.

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